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This project had three different, but equally important name objectives: Communicate 1) that Betty Crocker’s new rice and pasta products taste great, are better quality and more satisfying than alternative lunch meals, and 2) they cook in their own, convenient serving bowl.  Idiom proved up to the daunting challenge of capturing all of these objectives in a simple, integrated name that was easy to pronounce and remember.

Using “game techniques” such as Blind Man’s Brilliance and Synonym Explosion, we first created a rich, textured palette of word, phrases, prefixes and suffixes from English and European languages that describe or suggest important product attributes, benefits and personality characteristics.  Our proprietary Lingtwistics technique, which incorporates human speech patterns, was then used to deconstruct and reassemble these name ingredients into unexpected combinations.  The result?  Bowl Appétit!

Bowl Appétit!

General Mills, Betty Crocker