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Category: Food

Idiom created the name Dreamery for Dreyer’s super-premium ice cream.  It demonstrates our ability to create evocative, yet quickly meaningful and distinctive names.  While Ben & Jerry’s is a friendly name, it has no inherent meaning related to ice cream or why people love eating it.  Häagen-Dazs is a coined term that originally meant little to consumers other than ice cream made in a European style.  Both names have required many years and millions of dollars to accrue additional meaning.

As a late entry to the highly competitive super-premium ice cream category, Dreyer’s new product needed to communicate and build equity quickly.  Idiom spotted an opportunity to create a more meaningful, evocative name different from its competitors.  With the help of Lingtwistics, we deconstructed words like “dream,” “creamy” and “creamery,” then reassembled them in myriad interesting ways.  One result, Dreamery, conveys the perfect mix of attributes and aspirations.


Dreyer's Grand