Name Creation

Idiom’s 360 ̊ Naming methodology means that we create the most comprehensive array of names in the business. During our 3-step process, we discover hundreds of words and word parts (in English and, when appropriate, languages from around the world) that describe or suggest the name’s desired meaning. Then, working individually and in groups, inspired by imagination and empowered by technology, we explore myriad ways of expressing these words literally, figuratively and metaphorically.

1. NameBuilding

Specifically, proprietary software enables us to access Idiom’s enormous database, finding language related to key name objectives with pinpoint accuracy. This rigorous compilation of words, word parts, word associations, metaphors, idioms and symbols is conducted by Idiom’s principals and a hand-picked team of naming specialists. We use this language to begin creating names, learn what works (and what doesn’t), then prepare games, exercises and creative materials for the next naming step.

2. The Super Session

Guided by innovative “game techniques” invented by Idiom—Blind Man’s Brilliance, Synonym Explosion, Jigsaw, Imagineering, The Name Game and more—we transform the name objectives into games and exercises that help us to understand and experience the value of the product, company or service being named in new, unexpected ways. Using these techniques, our best naming specialists work shoulder-to- shoulder with our client’s team to explore beyond the normal limits of creativity, eliminating fixations and producing moments of insight and inspiration that lead to breakthrough names.

3. Lingtwistics®

Lingtwistics is Idiom’s unique approach to constructional linguistics. Using all of the best concepts, words, prefixes, suffixes, metaphors, symbols and numerical or graphic devices discovered during NameBuilding and the Super Session, the Lingtwistics algorithm deconstructs these naming ingredients, then reassembles them in unexpected ways. Because this algorithm incorporates natural human speech patterns and rhythms, the names that result are naturally easy-to-pronounce in many languages—a far cry from names generated using random computer generation!

4. Name Presentation

Idiom won’t just give you a list of names. We will share 50 or more of our very best ideas, demonstrating each name in a visually compelling manner similar to the way target customers would actually experience them in the marketplace. Clients tell us that our vibrant presentation materials “bring the names alive” so that envisioning their potential is easy and exciting. And, Idiom will have conducted its own check of the Federal Trademark Register to ensure that none of the names presented have obvious trademark conflicts.