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Personality Development

Idiom imbues each of its names with rich personality. For example, our Brand Personality Indicator is used to objectively chart the parameters of a brand’s personality in keeping with target consumers’ wants and needs, hopes and dreams. Our engaging Personality Parade uses visual association exercises to further develop and verify personality options.

Harmony“A midlife transition, when old necessities give way to new opportunities, is the context in which the brand’s personality must be understood … Maturity is giving her (the target consumer) a wonderful patina. Sure she has new lines on her face, but she gladly accepts them in exchange for the harmony and balance her new perspective enables.”

—from Idiom’s Brand Personality Profile for the General Mills woman’s cereal Idiom named Harmony

Trademark Search

Clients who do not have their own trademark counsel, or otherwise wish to do a preliminary trademark screen before giving in-house counsel a small number of name candidates for further search, often retain Idiom’s attorney at Fenwick & West. Fenwick is one of the West Coast’s pre-eminent intellectual property specialists. Due to our longstanding relationship with Idiom’s attorney there, our clients receive faster service than otherwise possible. A preliminary trademark screen is typically completed in 24 hours, with a comprehensive search requiring a week or less.

International Language Analysis

Idiom’s partner, Choice Translating, analyzes our clients’ favorite name candidates to ensure that they communicate effectively
in languages around the world. Importantly, this analysis is conducted by native (not just fluent) speakers of each language analyzed—people who actually live in the countries where our clients do business. This ensures the linguistic, semantic and cultural practicality of the names they adopt. A typical international language analysis for companies doing business globally includes approximately 10 languages in 12 countries. This analysis includes a written report.

Consumer Testing

Concerned about the costly, yet ineffective ways that many companies “test” their names, Idiom developed its Proofpoint™ name evaluator. Our goal was to combine the characteristics of an ideal name research study (i.e., indirect, monadic and comparative measures regarding key communication objectives; free associations; randomization, etc.) with the cost-effectiveness and fast turnaround clients require. Idiom has used Proofpoint to verify and help clients choose the very best names in a wide range of industries, including consumer products, technology and health care.